1000 African Heroes

Get the book +>>here<<+

Get the book +>>here<<+

Every child deserves and needs some inspiration, precursors, heroes and role-models, 
preferably from a similar background, that he or she can emulate. 
This is what this book is trying to offer. 
A hero is a person admired or idealized for his courage, his service, 
his excellent achievements or his noble qualities; 
regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender, religion, ideology and background. 
The book features black African heroes, white African heroes, 
Aboriginal heroes and heroes from the Diaspora, 
whether they live or have lived in Africa, Oceania, Europe, Asia or America. 
The book is presented like a research booklet so that 
the reader can become a key component of the research and writing team.

Get the book +>>here<<+


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