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Creighton GSG Presidency

 I'm excited to be the new president-elect for Creighton Graduate Student Government . My team and I will get to serve the graduate students of Creighton University , advocate for the issues that matter to them, and organize awesome events to inspire, entertain, relax and educate them through the end of 2022. Some of my first initiatives include:  Securing a permanent office for GSG on the Omaha campus.  Creating an award to recognize and celebrate outgoing board members for their leadership and for their service to the organization, to the school and to the students community. Creating an external website for GSG: . Revamping our social media presence.  To keep up with our activities and initiatives, please follow us on social media: Twitter: @CreightonGsg Instagram: @creighton_gsg Facebook: @CreightonGSG A few activities Orientation of new GSG executives: 10 Dec 2021 With both members of the 2021 board and the 2022 board in attendance, around great food at B