Creighton GSG 2021 Career Information Event

The Creighton Graduate Student Government (GSG) and the Creighton Career Center are inviting you to a Career Information Session during which you will learn about all the university resources available to you for finding, applying to, and landing your dream job, whether you are in Omaha or in another City around the country. What the Center does, the Companies that frequently recruit Creighton grads, etc.. 

There will be a very basic trivia at the end to give out 
amazing prizes to those who paid attention and were engaged. 

Date: Wednesday March 31st, 2021 Time: 3pm to 4pm30 Central Time

Presenter: Tobias Nownes (Assistant Director, Creighton Career Center)

Moderator: Dallys Medali (Vice President, Creighton Graduate Student Government)

Thank you!


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