Winner of 3MT Creighton Annual Research Competition

Dallys won the Annual Creighton 3MT Research Competition on Thursday February 17th 2022.

He will take home an award plaque and a $500 cheque.

Dallys will be representing the entire university at the Regional 3MT Competition organized by the Midwest Association of Graduate Schools (MAGS) in Milwaukee (Wisconsin) in April 2022. 

The event organizers were Taunya Plater and LuAnn Schwery of the Creighton Graduate School.

The three judges were: Kevin FitzGerald SJ PhD PhD, Cindy Costanzo PhD and DT Ratnapradipa PhD.

The other four finalists were: Dan McKean (Bioethics), Renju Pun (Biomedical Sciences), Susmit Mhatre (Pharmaceutical Sciences), and Pankaj Rajdeo (Pharmaceutical Sciences). 


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